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Adrian Howard adrianh at
Mon Oct 8 15:39:57 BST 2007

On 5 Oct 2007, at 16:00, Jacqui caren wrote:

> Adrian Howard wrote:
>> On 5 Oct 2007, at 14:32, Lyle - wrote:
>>>  What I love about apprenticeships is that officially you do not   
>>> have to pay apprentices minimum wage...
>> [snip]
>> Only true if under nineteen, or over nineteen and in your first  
>> year  of apprenticeship (and in England you have to pay a minimum  
>> of £80pw  full time even then).
> And apprencitships are a contract - if you renege you are commited  
> to paying the remainder of the contract even if you no longer "employ"
> them. Apprentices are NOT cheap and the <min wage is offset by
> the risks and the course costs etc.

And a jolly good thing to :-)

(whose dad or kid bro did damn well with apprenticeships)


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