Perl Apprentice

Jacqui caren jacqui.caren at
Mon Oct 8 16:37:59 BST 2007

Adrian Howard wrote:
>> And apprencitships are a contract - if you renege you are commited  to 

> And a jolly good thing to :-)
> (whose dad or kid bro did damn well with apprenticeships)

Coming from the north east of england, apprenticeships were something
my uncles and cousins went in for - usually an almost lifetime 
commitment to an employer.

Later they were replaced with YTS - which was commonly known as skivvy
pay. My sister got her first job by taking a YTS leaflet to a local
tailor and explained he could hire her for XX UKP per week.

After her 6 months were up (oddly enough she trained him as she
already had the skills he lacked), he offered her one of his two shops
- but for the same pay - needless to say she refused and found a job
repairing wedding dresses and fur coats at almost 5 times the pay
he was offering.


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