Brown trousers time :~

Paul Orrock paulo at
Tue Oct 9 16:09:14 BST 2007


> Potentially C++ and FastCGI for the clicks, can't see anything being 
> faster than that! Not sure how hard it would be to code though. Haven't 
> done any c++ for years.

If all this webserver is going to do is handle these clicks I would 
still bet on a lightweight perl http listener with all the click 
handling code build into it.

> Also I'm figuring rather than opening/writing/closing a database 
> connection for each click, there is a way of keeping the connection open 
> so all I need do is write? Can this be easily done with Perl?

Apache::DBI if you're using Apache, otherwise read the DBI docs on 
maintaining connections.

> Are there any drawbacks to doing this?

Only if your DB goes away but Apache::DBI is fairly robust at dealing 
with that


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