Emergency social - 17th October - Jesse Vincent in town

Nicholas Clark nick at ccl4.org
Tue Oct 9 22:56:51 BST 2007

Jesse Vincent, creator of RT, founder of Best Practical, creators of
a range discrete and subtle corporate t-shirts, Jifty, hiveminder.com,
doxory.com and other crimes against inefficiency and indecision, will be
here in person in London next Wednesday. (17th)

Which isn't a Thursday, let alone one at the start of the month, so clearly
an emergency. So we're going to go the Old Nick in Holborn, to help him
drink cider*


Long term readers may remember this pub when it was run by Youngs and called
the Three Cups, first visited on September 19th 2001, and first used for a
social on October 4th 2001


An advanced party is likely to be there from 6pm onwards.

Nicholas Clark

* Beware of imitation Jesse Vincents, that look and sound like the real thing,
  but fail on one key detail by drinking beer. Only accept the genuine article.

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