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chromatic chromatic at
Sun Oct 21 23:41:40 BST 2007

On Sunday 21 October 2007 14:19:53 Andy Armstrong wrote:

> > I tried my hand at
> > SDL Perl for a while, but quickly realized that Windows users are
> > quick to
> > criticize ("Hey, this doesn't work!") but not forthcoming with
> > patches.  Any
> > patches.  At all.  Ever.

> I quite fancy that challenge. Well, I quite fancy Perl::Game and I
> think I could live with the disappointment of discovering that
> Windows folk are unable or unwilling to help.

Pip Stuart was also interested.

Most of the problem was in detecting OpenGL on Windows.  As it is, SDL Perl 
doesn't need to provide OpenGL bindings, because there are other modules 
which do that.  All it needs to do is provide some sort of OpenGL canvas, and 
from there all OpenGL calls work transparently even if the OpenGL bindings 
know nothing about SDL.

That should help.

-- c

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