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Thu Oct 25 15:19:05 BST 2007

Find an old 386 PC somewhere and teach her how to install Ubuntu. She can then 
say "Windows, that just for dummies, real people use Open Source."  Waiting on 
a kernel build will teach her to have patience and that if she saves her 
pocket money, she can buy a multi-core box with Gigabytes of RAM and disk to 
process  and store all her ripped off audio books and music.  Her reading and 
comprehension ability will leap ahead as she tries to understand man pages, 
FAQ's and lies in Wikipedia. I have experience with a boy aged 6/7 at the 
start, but a sample set of 1 is no indicator of success with others.  Will she 
be happy to sit for 4 fours in the Perl Beginners tutorial at the London Perl 
Workshop ?

Did she fully understand  register operations ? It took me 3 weeks to 
understand how to copy a line numbered range into a register, mainly because I 
didn't read the space between the range and register letter!


On Sun, 21 Oct 2007, Adrian wrote:

> On 21/10/2007, Andy Armstrong <n at> wrote:
>> I just taught my five year old granddaughter how to use vim. "It's
>> great how you just press letters to do stuff". Result :)
> Why would you do that?
> All the five year old emacs users will hate and shun her forever...
> Adrian.

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