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Andy Armstrong n at
Thu Oct 25 15:25:16 BST 2007

On 25 Oct 2007, at 15:19, asmith9983 at wrote:
> Hi
> Find an old 386 PC somewhere and teach her how to install Ubuntu.  
> She can then say "Windows, that just for dummies, real people use  
> Open Source."

Yeah, I've been attempting to use Jesuit indoctrination techniques so  
that she'll complain about having to use Windows at school :)

>   Waiting on a kernel build will teach her to have patience and  
> that if she saves her pocket money, she can buy a multi-core box  
> with Gigabytes of RAM and disk to process  and store all her ripped  
> off audio books and music.

Kernel build? Have you installed Ubuntu recently?

>   Her reading and comprehension ability will leap ahead as she  
> tries to understand man pages, FAQ's and lies in Wikipedia. I have  
> experience with a boy aged 6/7 at the start, but a sample set of 1  
> is no indicator of success with others.  Will she be happy to sit  
> for 4 fours in the Perl Beginners tutorial at the London Perl  
> Workshop ?

Well I haven't asked - but I'd guess "no"...

> Did she fully understand  register operations ? It took me 3 weeks  
> to understand how to copy a line numbered range into a register,  
> mainly because I didn't read the space between the range and  
> register letter!

Er, no. We didn't really get that far. In fact we didn't get much  
beyond vim<cr>iHello, World<cr><esc>:wq<cr> :)

Andy Armstrong, Hexten

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