FastCGi on IIS... The tale of Microsoft and my new Perl Module...

Gareth Harper gareth at
Fri Oct 26 09:44:47 BST 2007

David Cantrell wrote:

>chromatic wrote:
>>Going to read /home/chromatic/.cpan/sources/modules/02packages.details.txt.gz
>>  Database was generated on Thu, 25 Oct 2007 13:37:45 GMT
>>  New version (v1.9203) available.
>>  [Currently running version is v1.9102]
>>  You might want to try
>>    install CPAN
>>    reload cpan
>>  to both upgrade and run the new version without leaving
>>  the current session.
>>I remember CPAN doing this for years.
>And?  I remember *ignoring* that message for years, on the grounds that
>" works, I'm not going to fuck with it".  If someone chooses to
>release something that requires Module::Build, then their software will
>simply look broken.
Every time I seem to go and install a module from CPAN I seem to get 
that message, the annoying part is I "used" to every time I saw it 
upgrade CPAN (local machine, if it broke I could always fix it).  It 
simply got upgraded often enough that in the end I stopped bothering to 
upgrade it since it was a 5-10 minute upgrade every time I wanted to 
install a single small module.

It's like the JRE updates that Sun sends, I updated them the first few 
times when it asked if I'd like to upgrade but in the end it becomes an 
annoyance because it happened to frequently that I stopped doing it.

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