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alas i think history will judge it as an homage to Google rather than the synthesis of culture heritage for which you hope.

also watch out for 'word creep'.

case in point: Jawad often becomes Juan, or Gerard.

Words are recognized phonetically and associatively. If your name is Gemail, then people will pronounce it G-Mail involuntarily most of the time. Also you don't have any indicators (tradition, linguistic prefixes etc) that the G isn't soft.

Imagine a lifetime of explaining how to pronounce your name, and then having kids make fun of your children for the same reason. It's bad enough if you have a heritage to support, but if your Mum and Dad just made it up? 

Why not pick a Japanese name, or one from a movie you both love?


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> > > Gmail is definitely getting better and better...
> My other half and I have been engaged for about five years and intend to
> finally tie the not.
> We're going to be parents and have decided to change our surname to one
> which is representative of the modern world, is ethnicity neutral and a
> hybrid of both our names.
> She's a van GEMen and my own surname is isMAIL.  So we were thinking of
> Now I know that this might seem really nerdy, but we both really like
> it.  The idea would be to avoid total nerdom by pronouncing it
> 'Gugh-mail.'  We're quite close to this and most of those whom we talk
> to seem to find this quite funny, but I'm curious as to what others
> think?  
> I've seen some really interesting surnames; I once knew a successful guy
> named 'Proudfoot.'  One of the founders of flicker had the surname
> Invalid (or was it False?).  In either case, most surnames must have, at
> some point in time, seemed rather bizarre.  I can imagine the first
> Smiths, Goldsmith's, Tailors, etc, sounding quite odd.  We consider
> ourselves children of this age, and bridging across race/culture, it
> seems right to liberate our offspring from our legacy surnames and
> whatever weights these would bring along.
> I'm curious if Gemail as a surname seems exciting, current, fresh and
> truly liberated, or just a silly geeky homage to Google?
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