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> Ismail, Rafiq (IT) wrote:
> > She's a van GEMen and my own surname is isMAIL.  So we were 
> thinking 
> > of GEMAIL.
> > 
> > Now I know that this might seem really nerdy, but we both 
> really like 
> > it.  The idea would be to avoid total nerdom by pronouncing it 
> > 'Gugh-mail.'  We're quite close to this and most of those 
> whom we talk 
> > to seem to find this quite funny, but I'm curious as to what others 
> > think?
> > 
> Surely this is pronounced 'je-mai-ill'? (ai pronounced like 
> the dutch word meaning 'to stroke' - for english speakers: 
> 'I' (as in "I do") with a bit 'ah' in front of it). And I 
> thought this already existed as a
> (mumble) Lebanese stylee name.

We feared this association.  However, we were hoping that this would be
read as an English-ish name, without any efforts made to
Dutchify/Islamify its pronunciation.  The 'Gugh' is not intended as the
hard G, but rather a softer 'ge' sound.  Clearly, this might not always
be the case...

Our aim is really to break the cultural weighting, rather then fortify
it.  No offence meant to those of this/my cultural background - I just
don't want my children to be forced into identifying/being classified
with it because of a 'name.'

Thanks for pointing this out.


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