Hosting again

Alistair McGlinchy amcglinchy at
Mon Oct 29 16:09:37 GMT 2007

/J\ wrote:

To avoid any single point of failure you are already looking at diverse
> hosting locations with multiple providers with multiple upstream network
> providers, duplicated hardware at each location and hardware with
> redundant power supplies, memory, processors and disk and so on and so
> forth.

You've just hit one of my favourite niggles.  Why do you want redundant
networks and sites AND redundant memory, processors and power supplies
within a site? [*]  This a waste of money, you end up spending 4 times the
money for only N/2 resilience. If you want extra resilience, add another
site or buy components with better MTBF.


[*] I removed the disks issue as RAID5 provides cost effective resilience
for a high MTBF component and with massive hassle reduction when they fail.

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