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> Ismail, Rafiq (IT) wrote:
> first then 
> > marry her.  It will be on presentation of our marriage certificate 
> > that she'll be able to adopt our new name.
> Unless custom and practice has changed, won't she have a 
> problem with "official" communications automatically double 
> barrelling her name with yours (whether the current one or 
> any adopted one)? For instance, my mother is always 
> officially addressed as "Mevr A C Koopman-Bootsman" 
> (she is the "Bootsman"). That is what will be on her death 
> certificate.

Got a bit worried.  She's looked into this and I think the problem we
had was that she could not arbitrarily choose a random name after
marriage (unless it was double-barrelled with my own surname).  

I have to adopt the 'new' name before we get married, so that she can
use the marriage certificate in double baralleling, our 'new' name to
her own. 

Actually, she's just commented on this:

... in the UK I can officialy be mrs. Gemail or whatever....in Holland
though, on my passport, the most I can ever be is Mevrouw Gemail - van
Gemen not as much flexibility in Holland. Still, we'll both have the
same name on our passport.


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