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Andy Armstrong andy at
Tue Oct 30 11:08:58 GMT 2007

> I subscribe to Dr. Dobbs and IEEE's Computing magazine.  Dr. Dobbs,  
> is a
> 'VERY' good all round software engineering focussed publication and is
> actually great fun to read.  You're more 'likely' to see Perl acticles
> in Dr. Dobbs - although, not very sophisticated in Perl space, a very
> good read from a technological perspective.

You think? I find myself shouting at it about 0.5 times per article. A  
case in point was the - potentially extremely interesting - smart  
compilers article in the last issue. Waffles on for about three pages  
about how there's little hope of developing compilers that can  
automatically parellize code and then, almost as an afterthought, it  
occurs to someone that map is inherently parallel - so they propose  
developing new, APL like languages to exploit that fact! HELLO! What  
about all the functional languages that already have map?

For an article about the supposed state of the art it felt about five  
years out of date to me.

Generally I turn first to the PC-Lint ad - but even their puzzles seem  
to have become a bit easy.

But I do enjoy shouting at it :)

Andy Armstrong, Hexten

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