Hosting again

Smylers Smylers at
Wed Oct 31 06:37:48 GMT 2007

Lyle - writes:

> I've actually been down to FastHosts in gloucester and had a meeting
> with them when they were looking at my software (although to be honest
> it seemed they just wanted a copy of the source to rip it off).

I work for one of their main rivals, so it's helpful to us for FastHosts
to get a poor reputation.

But that parenthetical comment is completely unfair.

I know people who work or have worked at FastHosts, and I do not believe
that they'd be trying to rip off your software.  To you your software is
your entire livelihood and it has massive importance in your life; but
to them your source code isn't that significant (beyond the resources it
will take up to run).

They have thousands of customers, and they can't look at the source code
of every one.  If you think that you/your software came across as so
special that it's worth their taking a particular interest in it (and a
massive legal risk), then you're deluding yourself.

Possibly you're just too close to your software.  Try to get some
perspective -- taking a holiday would probably help.


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