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Richard Foley Richard.Foley at
Thu Nov 1 10:33:03 GMT 2007

On Thursday 01 November 2007 02:19, Lyle - wrote:
> As soon as I have things setup and can afford the time off I certainly 
> will :)  the new software delivery system I'm working on will allow me 
> to run most of my business from anywhere. So soon I should be able to 
> take kind of holidays, still have some work, but different scenery at 
> least, lol.
I like the idea of having a mixture of different scenery, some work and some 
holidays - it's a laudable aim and more people should aim for a healthy 
lifestyle mix - IMHO.  However, I've seen an enormous number of projects 
living on the edge, where there are critical people looking after certain 
elements of code, hardware, and so on, even in large organisations which 
should know better.  The point is just don't forget to ensure the system 
continues to run, even after you've been run over by a bus, or your ISP lets 
you down (again), or whatever comes to mind.


Richard Foley
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