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> Those two are situations which many folks on this list have experience
> of, and have found ways of dealing with.  What makes the situations
> worse for you are your, apparently self-imposed, constraints.  It's as
> though you know the right answer but -- even though your livelihood
> depends on it -- you aren't prepared to pay for it, or you think you're
> different and can do better.

I can't comment on Lyle's particular case as he may have perfectly valid reasons for his decisions (I haven't read all of the thread), but since I work at the same company as Smylers (up until the time my BBC job kicks in), I can agree with the general sentiment.

I can't even begin to tell you how many times customers have complained that they're losing "thousands of pounds a day" when they shell out for the cheapest hosting package they can find and then get upset when they find out *why* it's the cheapest hosting package.  These customers get exactly what they've paid for.


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