Hosting again

Lyle - perl at
Sun Nov 4 01:56:50 GMT 2007

Simon Elliott wrote:
> The last time I did some serious benchmarking (3 or 4 years ago now) 
> software raid beat so called "enterprise" raid hardware - in speed - 
> (both read and write) by a factor of between 4 and 5 (depending on raid 
> card manufacturer). IIRC I tested again high end Adaptec and Compaq raid 
> cards as installed in Dell and Compaq servers respectively. Ironically 
> this benchmarking was done using the same card either as a raid 
> controller or just plain scsi. Software raid was always much faster.
> Sadly though, software raid was harder to setup, to maintain and to 
I've been told that with software raid I'd have greater control and be 
able to better monitor what's going on with the RAID and what disks are 
causing problems. I didn't realize that software RAID was so much faster 
as well. Although I suspect that this can depend on Load as well at it's 
using CPU??

Would you suggest that I use software RAID instead of hardware for my 
next server(s)?


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