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Paul Makepeace paulm at
Sun Nov 4 03:04:28 GMT 2007

On Nov 4, 2007 1:56 AM, Lyle - <perl at> wrote:
> Simon Elliott wrote:
> > The last time I did some serious benchmarking (3 or 4 years ago now)
> > software raid beat so called "enterprise" raid hardware - in speed -
> > (both read and write) by a factor of between 4 and 5 (depending on raid
> > card manufacturer). IIRC I tested again high end Adaptec and Compaq raid
> > cards as installed in Dell and Compaq servers respectively. Ironically
> > this benchmarking was done using the same card either as a raid
> > controller or just plain scsi. Software raid was always much faster.
> >
> > Sadly though, software raid was harder to setup, to maintain and to
> >
> I've been told that with software raid I'd have greater control and be
> able to better monitor what's going on with the RAID and what disks are
> causing problems. I didn't realize that software RAID was so much faster
> as well. Although I suspect that this can depend on Load as well at it's
> using CPU??
> Would you suggest that I use software RAID instead of hardware for my
> next server(s)?

I'd suggest you employ the services of someone who doesn't have to ask
that question ;-)

Seriously... having your own servers is a suckers' game, unless you
are in the business where you're able to commoditize away the grief.
Which from what you've said so far, you aren't anywhere near (or
indeed even aiming for).


> Lyle

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