OT: It's arrived!

Anthony Newman anthony.newman at ossified.net
Tue Nov 6 11:34:07 GMT 2007

Lyle - CosmicPerl.com wrote:
> I didn't know about load balancing or remote BMC, but I do now. You seem 
> to be under the impression that I haven't a clue, when I know about a 
> great many things of running a web server. IPtables, Apache with SuEXEC 
> and script controls working, Tomcat, BIND, SpamAssassin, loads of stuff.

Isn't it a shame that there isn't an "X Factor" equivalent for budding, 
yet sadly undiscovered sysadmins that are bursting to get out into the 
world and unleash their mad skillz to the rapturous applause of the 'Web 
hosting public?

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