LPW '07 Update

Greg McCarroll greg at mccarroll.org.uk
Tue Nov 6 15:47:28 GMT 2007

Just an update on this years LPW. We now have one track pretty much full, but
I am still looking for lightning talks so I can maybe squeeze another LT session
into the morning - if I can be of any help please email me or catch me on IRC
(irc.perl.org #london.pm).

You can see the current schedule at the following link,


	(assuming the change in perms has filtered through before you click
	 on this)

This is subject to change!

A sponsor is working on an evening event for us, more news on that soon. 

Also if you are coming please signup! If you have already signed up please
consider blogging/posting to another list, so we get a nice high attendance.

If you are waiting on some feedback from me about the event, you should get
an answer before SOB tomorrow as I'm now working through my LPW ToDo list.

See you there,


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