OT: It's arrived!

Gareth Kirwan gbjk at thermeon.com
Wed Nov 7 09:23:44 GMT 2007

>> "I thought that groups like these were for people to talk 
>> about things and share knowledge"
>> Except when the sharing is going in the wrong direction.
>> /J\
>I don't quite see how the workings of my software is something 
>that will 
>increase your knowledge. But if you really feel it is, then please ask 
>away. I didn't go into the question above as I expected a lot of:-
>(Harry Enfield)
>You don't want to do it like dat! You want to do it like 
>dis..." and so 
>on which would go one for several emails and result in a few insults 
>aimed at me.

This should encourage you to do so, not dissuade you.
People shouldn't be cruel because you've written crap code, we *all* have!
Nobody made an instant transition to good coding practices without making
slow programmes and finding nothing scales.

You should welcome the chance for your code to be criticized.
When all is done and dusted, you would end up with code which is cleaner 
(therefore more maintainable), faster, and scalable.
If the price for that is some embarrassment at making mistakes, pay it and
pay it gladly.

I don't think people are reacting to your posts because you're of your
We're all ignorant about something.
The reaction is probably because they feel insulted that it appeared as if
you don't take 
the chance to correct that when offered advice, and preferred to defend your
choices, etc.

Well, that and maybe posting a graphic novel nobody wanted to read about
your sexual escapades 
shortly after complaining that younglings might be reading and therefore
profanity should be filtered.

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