OT: It's arrived!

Alex Knowles teamster_jr at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Nov 8 12:28:41 GMT 2007

>>> Now that I finally got back to london.pm and caught up with the 
>>> firehose flow of emails, I consider unsubscribing again. (And it's not 
>>> Greg's fault...)
>> I haven't considered unsubscribing, but I find myself wistful for the 
>> "kill thread" functionality of USENET newsreaders I've used in the 
>> past...
> I noted last night that Gmail has rolled out some new functionality, 
> including the ability to "mute" a thread.  Just in time, I'd say.

someone at the heretics meet (er, i think it was wistow) was saying you 
could do exactly this with mutt - sort by user tag all messages from said 
user then delete all threads below their post.


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