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Chris Benson chrisb at jesmond.demon.co.uk
Thu Nov 8 12:32:45 GMT 2007

On Thu, Nov 08, 2007 at 01:31:46AM -0800, Randy J. Ray wrote:
> I haven't considered unsubscribing, but I find myself wistful for the "kill
> thread" functionality of USENET newsreaders I've used in the past...

You probably don't want to know because it involves changing mail
readers, but mutt(1) has:

^D          delete-thread          delete all messages in thread
^N          next-thread            jump to the next thread
^P          previous-thread        jump to previous thread
^R          read-thread            mark the current thread as read
^U          undelete-thread        undelete all messages in thread
<Esc>d      delete-subthread       delete all messages in subthread
<Esc>n      next-subthread         jump to the next subthread
<Esc>p      previous-subthread     jump to previous subthread
<Esc>r      read-subthread         mark the current subthread as read
<Esc>t      tag-thread             tag the current thread
<Esc>u      undelete-subthread     undelete all messages in subthread
<Esc>v      collapse-thread        collapse/uncollapse current thread
Which are convenient when sanity exceeds curiosity.  I should use them
more often.
Chris Benson

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