red hat chkconfig to manage logical booleans? lists at
Thu Nov 8 21:19:26 GMT 2007

> I wanted to ask if anyone thought that using red hat's chkconfig to
> manage logical booleans (or, "features") was a particularly bad
> idea.  Could anyone think of a situation where this could affect us
> negatively down the road?  Or do you think could be a good way to
> manage these "features".

Do you want this configuration living in the same place as the real
startup configuration ?  I see no option for using an alternative
directory; which I would have thought was a good idea.

Do you want your local config adjustable only by root like the
standard chkconfig records?

A very brief look discovers no logs produced by chkconfig recording

Besides anybody should know you manage configuration by pointing a
webcam at an arrangement of green bottles on a wall.

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