Multi platform, high volume data recording

Lyle - perl at
Sun Nov 11 00:24:15 GMT 2007

Hi All,
  I hesitated in sending this, as I already made 4 posts yesterday (hey 
it's past 12 :)). But in the end I thought that at least some of you 
might be interested.

It's the initial concept design for the software I've been working 
toward and pestering you all so much to get ideas for.

I'd appreciate some heavy criticism (without swearing or personal 
insults) and suggestions. Although some things will not be changed, for 

1) The solutions used must remain platform independent (well, must work 
on Win and Linux)
2) Ummm, probably something else...

I've already looked at solutions for load balancing like pound and 
perlbal but that would lock me into Linux.

I suspect that the tracking software on the data logging servers that 
also acts as a load balancer would be best done as a separate daemon. 
But would I be able to do this successfully under Win32 as well without 
re-writing the daemon? (have a single daemon script that runs on both).


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