Multi platform, high volume data recording

Jonathan Stowe jns at
Sun Nov 11 17:52:59 GMT 2007

On Sun, 2007-11-11 at 15:29 +0000, Lyle - wrote:

> My role is going to be Programmer/SysAdmin/Business man in that order. 
> The guy I'm bringing on board is going to be SysAdmin/Business 
> man/Programmer in that order. There will also be a graphic/web designer. 
> So the initial team will be 3. Obviously if the client wants us to setup 
> and manage the servers the cost will be adjusted to reflect that. I'll 
> be writing most of the software myself, and possibly bring in affordable 
> free lancers to meet the deadline.

As soon as you have a project with a fixed deadline with more than one
person working on it then you have other requirements that you don't
appear to have taken into consideration.

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