Multi platform, high volume data recording

Lyle - perl at
Sun Nov 11 22:30:46 GMT 2007

Gareth Kirwan wrote:
>> LoL, maybe I should say FO to those people that thought I wasn't taking things on board?
> I'd start off with "Thank you", personally, but I'm just crazy.
> I think you should consider reserving "LoL" for when you actually *do* ?
> It makes you seem a bit like a Austin Powers nemesis to be constantly
> laughing manically at things I wouldn't break a smile over.

I said thank you a lot at the time, and got slated for doing so I might 
add. I did actually LoL, got a funny sense of humour. I'm known for 
talking quite quietly, but bursting out into a load laugh.

> Spotting that you're running behind schedule as early as possible is
> crucial, obviously.

Good point.

> And on this subject I'd recommend to you, Lyle, as another did to me:
> "Applied software project management", 0596009488

Just ordered it, thanks.

Jonathan Stowe wrote:

> Of course most geeks dislike proper project management and are generally
> over-confident in their ability to make good estimates.

Been there, done that, learnt not to do it again :)

> As soon as you have a project with a fixed deadline with more than one
> person working on it then you have other requirements that you don't
> appear to have taken into consideration.
The project development will be done utilizing subversion and SVK, the software will be modular. I'm guessing that's not what you're talking about. Would you care to fill me in? Are you talking about project management?


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