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Nic Gibson nicg at
Mon Nov 12 21:25:13 GMT 2007

On 11/12/07, Andy Wardley <abw at> wrote:
> Edmund von der Burg wrote:
> > What works for you lot?
> Classical if I'm in deep thought mode. Bach's Well Tempered Clavier seems to
> fit my finking head particularly well.  Or something ambient/trancey that
> isn't going to demand too much of my attention.  Ozric Tentacles++
> Hard rock/old skool metal when I'm coding fast and furious.  Anything (or
> everything) by Iron Maiden goes down well here.

If I'm doing the mad coding thing it tends towards that sort of thing.
First two Killing Joke albums work for me. And almost anything by Gaye
Bykers on Acid.

Age betrayed.

Aside: I was on the train into London about two months ago and this
man was sitting next to me (this was a commuter train, I was lucky
that he wasn't sitting *on* me). He was in his early 50s I'd guess,
wearing a suit, looking businessman. I noticed him eyeing up iTunes
and then he tapped me on the shoulder. I took off my headphones and he
said "Are you listening to the Dead Kennedys?" I said "yes". He said
"Oh. Good" and went back to his newspaper.

> Pink Floyd any time.  Anything will do, but given a choice I'll take Atom
> Heart Mother and the Final Cut.
> A

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