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Charles Collicutt ccollicutt at factset.com
Fri Nov 16 12:57:31 GMT 2007

Denny wrote on 16/11/2007 12:34:34:
> > > Raphael Mankin wrote: 
> > > Gesualdo is famous for NOT killing his wife and lover. Because he 
> > > not kill them he was considered to have murdered them; if he had 
> > > them it would have been acceptable.
> I assume the difference is that under French law, he could have claimed
> it was a crime of passion if he'd done it himself?

Gesualdo was Italian (I think he lived in the Kingdom of Naples, since 
Italy as a united state didn't exist then.)

According to Wikipedia, he was immune from prosecution by virtue of being 
a nobleman. Also, although he was probably helped by his servants, 
apparently all the witnesses agreed that he personally stabbed is wife 
multiple times. So he did do it himself, or was believed to have done it 
himself at the time, at least in part.


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