Anti-cat device

Struan Donald lpm at
Wed Nov 28 19:55:48 GMT 2007

* at 28/11 20:53 +0100 Robin Berjon said:
> Hi,
> So I was wondering if some of you folks here had any tricks to fend  
> off feline hackers? Any help is welcome.

When I leave my laptop open round the house it's usually on one of
the various surfaces that are cat no-go zones (e.g. the kitchen
table) which mostly seems to solve the problem. 

Failing that you just have to bollock the cat for walking on the
laptop. Most cats learn pretty quickly when they're not allowed to do
things and stop doing it [0]. 

Your girlfriend is likely to know the most effective way of
persuading the cat that something isn't allowed.


[0] or at least stop doing it when they think they might get caught.

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