Anti-cat device

Robin Berjon robin at
Wed Nov 28 19:53:31 GMT 2007


I've recently moved in with my girlfriend and her cat. Now don't get  
me wrong, I really love this little black kitten but the problem is —  
as car owners amongst you have no doubt already guessed — she equally  
really loves my MBP. Simply by sitting on the keyboard she's so far  
attempted to log in many many times, has managed to do random stuff  
to my Facebook account, and regularly plays DJ with iTunes.

Closing the laptop every time I have to step away from it is hardly  
convenient, and logging out doesn't help all that much. I know  
there's something out there called PawSense™ but the reason I know  
about it is because it won itself an IgNobel so I'm not exactly  
inclined towards trust (besides, it's Windows only).

So I was wondering if some of you folks here had any tricks to fend  
off feline hackers? Any help is welcome.

Robin Berjon -
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  keep walking until you hit the sidewalk."

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