Anti-cat device

Christopher Jones c.jones at
Wed Nov 28 20:48:19 GMT 2007

Hit the kitten with a slipper every time it goes near the MBP. Never  
tried it, but I'm sure it would work.

On 28 Nov 2007, at 19:53, Robin Berjon wrote:

> Hi,
> I've recently moved in with my girlfriend and her cat. Now don't  
> get me wrong, I really love this little black kitten but the  
> problem is — as car owners amongst you have no doubt already  
> guessed — she equally really loves my MBP. Simply by sitting on the  
> keyboard she's so far attempted to log in many many times, has  
> managed to do random stuff to my Facebook account, and regularly  
> plays DJ with iTunes.
> Closing the laptop every time I have to step away from it is hardly  
> convenient, and logging out doesn't help all that much. I know  
> there's something out there called PawSense™ but the reason I know  
> about it is because it won itself an IgNobel so I'm not exactly  
> inclined towards trust (besides, it's Windows only).
> So I was wondering if some of you folks here had any tricks to fend  
> off feline hackers? Any help is welcome.
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