Anti-cat device

Paul Sharpe paul at
Wed Nov 28 20:37:59 GMT 2007

Robin Berjon wrote:
> I've recently moved in with my girlfriend and her cat. Now don't get me 
> wrong, I really love this little black kitten but the problem is — as 
> car owners amongst you have no doubt already guessed — she equally 
> really loves my MBP. Simply by sitting on the keyboard she's so far 
> attempted to log in many many times, has managed to do random stuff to 
> my Facebook account, and regularly plays DJ with iTunes.

My friend's cat would *always* open Windows narrator when it was her 
turn to use the laptop which was pretty funny.  Stranger still was that 
my friend had no idea how to open the narrator herself.  Further 
evidence that cat's are more intelligent than humans, so whatever you do 
your gf's cat will always have the upper hand/paw.  Give up.


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