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Martin A. Brooks martin at
Wed Nov 28 23:36:46 GMT 2007

Toby Corkindale wrote:
> Apple seemed happy enough to courier stuff to and from our offices..
> I don't know what we were doing differently to get that service!

The past tense is accurate.

Some time late last year they stopped doing mail-in returns.  Up to 
approximately November 2006 Apple would cheerfully mail you a pre-paid 
box to return your blighted macbook to them in.  Then they stopped doing 
that and insisted you physically take your purchase to the nearest Apple 
Authorised Repair Centre for assessment,

One other member of this list will be able to confirm that one such 
repair took in excess of _6 weeks_ to complete. I buy hardware because I 
expect it to work, or be repaired, perhaps replaced, extremely promptly 
when it doesn't. 

As a sidenote, I find it hard to pity the poor saps who have bought 
perhaps the only mobile phone in existence where the battery cannot be 
changed by the owner.


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