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Chris Devers cdevers at
Thu Nov 29 03:08:28 GMT 2007

On Wed, 28 Nov 2007, Peter Corlett wrote:

> On 28 Nov 2007, at 19:53, Robin Berjon wrote:
> > I've recently moved in with my girlfriend and her cat. Now don't get 
> > me wrong, I really love this little black kitten but the problem is
> > as car owners amongst you have no doubt already guessed ? she 
> > equally really loves my MBP.

Indeed, my car is always sitting on my Macbook. Spiteful thing, doesn't 
it realize how delicate laptops are, how unhappy they get under tires?

> > So I was wondering if some of you folks here had any tricks to fend 
> > off feline hackers? Any help is welcome.
> Never mind feline hackers, protect against human hackers too. From 
> System Preferences, emable "Require password to wake this computer 
> from sleep or screen saver" (in the Security option) and set up a hot 
> corner in Expos? to start the screen saver when you move the pointer 
> there. So when you walk away from the computer, flick the mouse 
> pointer to that corner and it will blank and lock.

I'd suggest one better and try AlphaBaby as the screen saver:

It's fun anyway, but it has the added advantage that the only way out of 
it is to relatively quickly type Q-U-I-T, which a baby -- or a cat -- is 
unlikely to be able to work out. 

Plus, it'll speak the letters that are being typed, so if you get up to 
walk to the kitchen and start hearing "Q! F! U! M!", you've got your cue 
to run back and discipline the cat. That and maybe the speaking itself 
might be a form of negative reinforcement, I suppose. 

Chris Devers

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