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Paul Johnson paul at
Thu Nov 29 12:53:18 GMT 2007

On Thu, Nov 29, 2007 at 11:51:03AM +0000, Aaron Trevena wrote:

> I've found the boring business laptops to have a superb build quality
> and pretty good linux support - my wife's pavillion on the other hand
> has had hardware problems for the last 18 months and is dying (it's
> about 4 or 5 years old).

I bought a HP pavilion dv2000 just before YAPC.  It dual boots to Ubuntu
where everything "just works" including sleeping, hibernating, and all the
other bits and bobs.  I got the 14" screen which is large enough for me to
work on when necessary, and makes the whole thing small and light enough to
carry around when necessary.  In general I'm very happy with it.  It only cost
me CHF1300 (£563) and it is shiny (literally - it has a rather nice black

It also has a remote control, which meant it was easy to hide it behind
the TV, plug it into the hifi and use it for pass-the-parcel and musical
bumps at my daughter's birthday party.

Anyway, I know everyone is interested in my opinions, thoughts and
observations and has been holding off on decision making until I had posted,
so procrastinate no more!

PS. HP, the address below is correct.

Paul Johnson - paul at

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