Laptop Recommendations

Nigel Rantor wiggly at
Thu Nov 29 13:34:34 GMT 2007

I am currently trying to see if I can get VMWare Player to install XP 
Pro for me using qemu to generate an initial disk image.

If anyone has decent instructions for Ubuntu let me know, doesn't seem 
very happy to play right now, not detecting that there *is* a bootable 
CD there.

Edwardson, Tony wrote:
> I bought a Vaio a few years back and found that a lot of the hardware was
> proprietary with poor driver support. I had lots of grief getting Linux up
> and running on dual-boot. However, now Vmware is free, I wouldn't bother to
> go the dual-boot route. I'd go for a shed load of ram & disk space and the
> fastest available processor and run whatever under Vmware.
> Tony
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