Laptop Recommendations

Paul Sharpe paul at
Wed Nov 28 14:18:39 GMT 2007

Edwardson, Tony wrote:
> I bought a Vaio a few years back and found that a lot of the hardware was
> proprietary with poor driver support. I had lots of grief getting Linux up
> and running on dual-boot. However, now Vmware is free, I wouldn't bother to
> go the dual-boot route. I'd go for a shed load of ram & disk space and the
> fastest available processor and run whatever under Vmware.

I've had few problems with dual Ubuntu/XP on a Vaio SZ330P.  It didn't 
come with any XP media (restore partition) so was a bit of a pain 
finding out how to make an XP CD I could use to do a clean install.

I would also go the VM route next time and run XP on Ubuntu.


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