Laptop Recommendations

Andy Armstrong andy at
Wed Nov 28 16:17:50 GMT 2007

On 28 Nov 2007, at 15:56, Denny wrote:
> The hard drive did need replacing about six months later, after  
> getting
> increasingly unreliable, but even so I thought it did fairly well
> considering.  And at least I got to use it to watch DVDs in hospital.

I have a very old Olivetti laptop upstairs that a work colleague drove  
his car over. Twice[1]. It still got gravel rash where it was pushed  
into the road surface. Still works fine - although a P120 barely cuts  
it these days :)

[1] Backed out of a parking space over it and when he felt the bump -  
inexplicably - rolled the car back into the space and over the laptop  

Andy Armstrong, Hexten

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