Tube spoof-recordings

Smylers Smylers at
Thu Nov 29 16:11:35 GMT 2007

Randy J. Ray writes:


I was surprised (in the good way) to experience an outbreak of common
sense on the Tube yesterday.

On the Piccadilly Line congestion was advertised congestion after Acton
Town (my stop).  At Hammersmith it was announced the train would
terminate at Acton Town (which is the next stop from there).

After departing Hammersmith the driver said:

  We'll be going quite slowly to Acton Town, so I'm going to call at
  this station [Ravenscourt Park, where Piccadilly trains don't normally
  call] so you can transfer to the District Line train to Ealing Common
  that's pulling up on the adjacent platform, and that way you'll get to
  Acton Town sooner.

Somebody actually thought about how, by doing something they don't
normally do, they could minimize the inconvenience to their customers!!


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