Ian Malpass ian at
Thu Dec 6 15:57:38 GMT 2007

Smylers wrote:
> A friend has requested cufflinks for Christmas, silver (presumably she
> means silvery-coloured, rather than made from silver).

Depends on how good a friend she is, I suppose ;) You can certainly 
obtain silver-plated cufflinks, if sterling is out of the question. As 
previous replies have suggested, Jermyn Street is tailor-ridden[0], and 
you'll be able to find just about anything there[1], but at a price. I'm 
John Lewis will have something more proletarian, and their opening hours 
will be suitable.


[0] I've tended to patronise Pink's and TM Lewin for my nice shirts and 
ties. (Which, after three years in the US, I no longer fit in, much to 
my distress.) Oh, and do pop in to Tricker's if you're in need of good 
shoes. And Trumper's is great for gentlemen's toiletries and shaving 
requisites (their badger-hair shaving brushes are a tad expensive, but 
are wonderful nevertheless).

[1] I almost bought a pair of sterling silver collar bones once. I still 
vaguely regret not doing so.

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