book discount?

Greg McCarroll greg at
Thu Dec 6 23:13:23 GMT 2007

On Thu, Dec 06, 2007 at 03:20:02PM +0000, Edmund von der Burg wrote:
> Bit late for tonight but there might be merit in getting a big order
> together and then have it delivered in one go to the social. Would
> save on hassle and shipping for Josette and shift the issue of
> splitting up payment to us.

So, the best way I can see of doing this is a tech meet at a non-pub (boo,
hiss), and maybe at a certain university if he doesn't bring out the shotgun
when i appear on the horizon. Would people give opinions about the following
which may or not get listened to ...

1) tech meet in february (lightning talk heavy)

2) big ORA (ORA i believe is no longer the correct term, but ho hum) book order,
   some other person is going to have to be the manager of this - although i can
   help by seeing if we can squeeze up the discount slightly.

3) and this is the radical one - maybe asking gllug if they would like to also
   give a few talks/order books? - on this last one if you are about to fling
   monkey faeces at me please avoid the face and groin.


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