[REVIEW] Programming Collective Intelligence

Tim Sweetman ti at lemonia.org
Fri Dec 7 17:45:45 GMT 2007

Peter Corlett wrote:

> On 7 Dec 2007, at 15:32, Andy Armstrong wrote:
> [...]
>> I was pretty active on BookMooch until our local post office closed.  
>> Now that it's reopened I should probably get back into it. BookMooch  
>> is recommended.
> I've just signed up and dumped in a pile of books I'm never going to  
> read. Two "lucky" people have just gained themselves a dreary tome,  
> one by Francis Wheen and the other by George Monbiot. Perhaps they  
> just suffer from insomnia.

Well, with Wheen and Monbiot, they can end up having some very confused 
nightmares. And then they can suffer from insomnia.

This seems to be a fairly severe problem with bookshelves where people 
leave stuff: they become, over time, increasingly full of stuff that 
nobody wants, because such books are more likely to arrive, and less 
likely to leave.


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