Milton Keynes PM development collaberation ben at
Mon Dec 10 11:03:45 GMT 2007

On Mon, Dec 10, 2007 at 08:40:06AM -0000, Edwardson, Tony wrote:
>Anyone written any CPAN modules for which the testing coverage needs to be
>improved ?
>Want someone else to sort this out for you ?
>Milton Keynes PM are want to start working together to contribute to the
>perl development effort and as we need to do something that beginners and
>experts can both work on, we thought that improving the testing coverage of
>popular CPAN Modules would be a good initial project.
>So, we are looking for popular CPAN modules which could do with a better
>test suite and the Author is willing to let others work in it on their
>Naturally everything we do would be passed back to the Author for approval
>and release
>Something from <>
>would be good
>For details of testing coverage see

The perl-qa list might well be a good place to crosspost this.



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