Andrew Betts andrew at
Thu Dec 20 15:10:08 GMT 2007

Hi all,

I'm the maintainer of Meteor ( and the
developer of the Javascript web client for it.  It's a streaming data
server designed for web applications, implementing a technique known
as comet.

If you visit the site you'll see it in action immediately because it
plots all traffic to the site in real time using a starscape
visualisation at the top of every page.

We're rather short of perl expertise as the original coder of the
server daemon has left the project, so I'm on the hunt* for a new perl
developer or two who might be interested in getting involved.

The more the merrier - contributors get the undying gratitude of a
loyal user base, street cred and wads of cash**.



* I don't think pleading for contributors constitutes a job ad, but if
so please don't flame me, for I am but a humble PHP developer.
** One of these is not true.

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