CPAN Modules - Extra Debugging v. Extra Dependencies

Jonathan Lloyd webmaster at
Wed Dec 26 06:56:21 GMT 2007

Hi all,

I am in the process of preparing my first module for CPAN, and I have a
hypothetic question for everyone:  Would you rather download a module with a
*few *extra dependencies in exchange for some improved debugging?  Or would
you rather have fewer dependencies with less debugging?

To be more specific, the module I am working on will require:

   - SOAP::Lite
   - XML::Parser
   - XML::Parser::EasyTree

But optionally, I can include some terrific debugging with:

   - XML::Handler::YAWriter
   - XML::Parser::PerlSAX

P.S.  Wonderful meeting everyone at the LPW!  Thanks!
Jonathan Lloyd

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