[ANNOUNCE] London.pm - January '08 Meeting (3rd).

Smylers Smylers at stripey.com
Thu Jan 3 10:24:05 GMT 2008

Greg McCarroll writes:

> London.pm - January '08 Meeting (3rd).

Oooh, that's tonight!

> Anyway, this month's meeting will be at the Edgar Wallace, 40 Essex
> Street, WC2R 3JF. We've got the function room upstairs
>  http://london.randomness.org.uk/wiki.cgi?Edgar_Wallace%2C_WC2R_3JF
>  By tube:	Dis/Cir: Temple
>     		Pic/Cen: Holborn
> Nice one Kake, It certainly seems to be scoring high on both the ale
> and (travel) connectivity fronts.

Yes, thank you Kake!

Unfortunately there seems to be _so_ much connectivity that I'm
struggling to work out a sensible route there.  TFL's online journey
planner only confused me, suggesting each of the following itineraries
and that which is faster varies by the minute -- so I'd be grateful for
any advice on which to take/avoid.

My starting point is Stockley Park:

* train to Ealing Broadway (I know I can do this in 25 mins) then
  Central Line to Chancery Lane [but would alighting at Holborn make
  more sense?]

* train to Paddington (ditto, 35 mins) then Bakerloo Line to Embankment
  [or would alighting at Charing Cross be better?]

* train to Paddington, walk to Lancaster Gate, then Central Line to
  Chancery Lane [or Holborn?]

* train to Paddington then Circle Line anticlockwise to Temple

* bus to Heathrow (apparently this takes 12 mins, but I've never tried
  it) then Piccadilly Line to Earl's Court and District Line to Temple
  [but if I'm on the Piccadilly Line anyway, why not stay on till

Any of those sound significantly worse or better than t'others?  Thanks.


PS:  The website also suggested the following:

* train to Paddington, Bakerloo Line to Embankment, District or Circle
  Lines to Temple

* train to Paddington, Bakerloo Line to Embankment, coach (TFL cards not
  valid!) to Temple

* train to Paddington, Bakerloo Line to Charing Cross, bus to the Royal
  Courts of Justice

But they all seem to take significantly longer than walking from Charing
Cross or Embankment, so don't seem worth considering.

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