[ANNOUNCE] London.pm - January '08 Meeting (3rd).

IvorW combobulus at xemaps.com
Thu Jan 3 15:31:23 GMT 2008

Smylers wrote:
> Unfortunately there seems to be _so_ much connectivity that I'm
> struggling to work out a sensible route there.  TFL's online journey
> planner only confused me, suggesting each of the following itineraries
> and that which is faster varies by the minute -- so I'd be grateful for
> any advice on which to take/avoid.
> My starting point is Stockley Park:
> * train to Ealing Broadway (I know I can do this in 25 mins) then
>   Central Line to Chancery Lane [but would alighting at Holborn make
>   more sense?]
Chancery Lane marginally closer than Holborn, but doesn't have
Piccadilly line interchange.
> * train to Paddington (ditto, 35 mins) then Bakerloo Line to Embankment
>   [or would alighting at Charing Cross be better?]
Embankment closer than Charing+. You can change to the District/Circle
to save a walk.
> * train to Paddington, walk to Lancaster Gate, then Central Line to
>   Chancery Lane [or Holborn?]
Yes, that works.
> * train to Paddington then Circle Line anticlockwise to Temple
Circle line slow, but very short walk at the other end.
> * bus to Heathrow (apparently this takes 12 mins, but I've never tried
>   it) then Piccadilly Line to Earl's Court and District Line to Temple
>   [but if I'm on the Piccadilly Line anyway, why not stay on till
>   Holborn?]
Picc takes the best part of an hour to get in to town.
> Any of those sound significantly worse or better than t'others?  Thanks.
> Smylers
> PS:  The website also suggested the following:
> * train to Paddington, Bakerloo Line to Embankment, District or Circle
>   Lines to Temple
> * train to Paddington, Bakerloo Line to Embankment, coach (TFL cards not
>   valid!) to Temple
> * train to Paddington, Bakerloo Line to Charing Cross, bus to the Royal
>   Courts of Justice
> But they all seem to take significantly longer than walking from Charing
> Cross or Embankment, so don't seem worth considering.

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