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On 1/3/08, Randy J. Ray <rjray at> wrote:
> > Ours has figured out how to turn the shower handle, and prefers that water
> > to her dish.  I suspect that is the cause for our increased water usage.
> As I understand it, running water has a better oxygen content than still water.

How does this benefit animals that don't breath through gills?

I couldn't get the answer out of either. If this was a wiki
page it'd have "[citation needed]" all over it.

I've never really understood the notion of "stale" water. What exactly
does that mean?

The best answer given for this at
actually seems wrong to me, or at the very least not answering the


> I recently got a device called the "Drinkwell", which is a miniature
> fountain-like contraption that cycles the water continuously. I also fitted it
> with an extra 50oz reservoir. It keeps my two cats happily hydrated for about a
> week at a time.
> Now if I can get the larger one to quit using the bathroom sink as a bed...
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