Anti-cat device

Struan Donald lpm at
Thu Jan 3 22:53:31 GMT 2008

* at 03/01 14:46 -0800 Randy J. Ray said:
> Free oxygen (i.e., that part not bonded to dihydrogen) will gradually vacate
> the premises. In addition, particulates (dust, dander, etc.) will also settle
> on the surface. The fountain runs the water through a filter, as well as
> causing aeration. I'm not a chemist, but I have noticed that the little
> hairballs are much better about drinking it than still water that would be
> refreshed daily. And they've quit climbing into the toilet, which is an added
> bonus...

I think that's more evolution than oxygen content. Running water is
more likely to be fresh and free of algae and other such things than
standing water so there's an inbuilt preference for it.

That said when the water is running out of taps it mostly seems to
confuse my cats.


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